Igor E. Svetlov
Doctor of Arts, Professor
Honorary Member of the Russian Academy of Arts
Honored Worker of Culture of Poland
Lecturer Surikov Moscow Art Institute
Lecturer Academy of Slavic Culture
Leading Researcher at the State Institute of Art Studies
Head of the Inter-Institute Scientific Group “European Symbolism and Art Nouveau”
e-mail: svetlov.i.e@yandex.ru
Moscow, Russia
Researchers ID AAF-3506-2019
ORCID ID 0000-0002-0943-0408


Svetlov, I.E. 2019. “Hungarian Sculpture of the Late Twentieth Century. At the Intersection of Romanticism and Pop Art”, Art Literature Scientific and Analytic Journal Burganov House. The Space of Culture, vol. 15, no, 4, pp. 108-135. DOI:10.36340/2071-6818-2019-15-4-108-135