Upon the recommendation of the Expert Council of the Higher Attestation Commission, the scientific and analytical journal Burganov House. The Space of Culture is included in the List of Leading Peer-reviewed Scientific Journals and Publications in which the main scientific results of theses for the academic degrees of doctor and candidate of science must be published.
The journal publishes scientific articles by leading specialists in various humanitarian fields, doctoral students, and graduate students. Research areas concern topical problems in multiple areas of culture, art, philology, and linguistics. This versatility of the review reveals the main specificity of the journal, which represents the current state of the cultural space.

The publication is addressed to professionals specialising in the theory and practice of the fine arts and philology and all those interested in the arts and culture.


Original scholarly papers should be between 3,000 and 5,000 words (including footnotes and list of references). Book review articles should be about 1,000 words.

Authors must follow the instructions for authors strictly, failing which the manuscripts would be rejected without review.

The manuscript should be written in MS Word in .doc or .doc.x format, in Times New Roman font, font size 14 with 1.5 line-spaced text.

The manuscript should contain the title, keywords (5 to 8 words or phrases) and abstract (not lesser then 280 words) and list of references.

Do not include citations in the Abstract.

Keywords should be relevant to the topic and content of the paper. An accurate list of keywords will ensure correct indexing of the paper in referential periodicals and databases.

All manuscripts should be also provided with: authors’ names, affiliations, city and state of workplace, and e-mail addresses of the corresponding author.

The authors should send their short biography (up to 150 words per author) with information about profession, carrier, workplace and year of birth.

Photos, drawings and other illustrations should be of good quality. Please, do not include photos, tables and other illustrations in the manuscript. They should be submitted as separate files. Visual examples must have permission from author, photographer or owner of the rights. Visual examples must be technically prepared so as not to require additional interventions: format .jpg or .tiff; resolution higher than 300 dpi. Visual examples are additions to the main text and need to be clearly marked: example 1, etc. Please do not supply files that are too low in resolution as well files that are optimized for screen use (e.g., GIF, BMP, PICT, WPG), these typically have a low number of pixels and limited set of colors.

Footnotes and References

Use The Harvard referencing system in English version of your work.

Footnotes should be marked in the text at a point of punctuation, and listed at the bottom of each relevant page. References should be cited in the language in which they were published. The list of references (bibliography) shall only include works that are cited in the text. The references should be listed at the end of the article, in alphabetic order by the authors’ surnames.